Christie knieriem

“Ptychozoon: Why You Should be as Excited About Them as I Am”

Bio: Born in 1980 in Susanville, CA

Married, the mother of a 17 year old son, and a full time geckophile

She grew up in rural California, catching bugs and lizards from the time she was fast enough to get her hands on them. Her mother was certain she’d be an entomologist, but she had other ideas. She went to culinary school instead and specialized in baking and pastry work. Then discovered she hated the early hours a baker is required to keep.

The logical step? Keeping geckos instead. She’s been working with various gecko species since 2011. She keeps many species of geckos, but quickly discovered she has a huge soft spot for Ptychozoon, getting her grubby hands on as many species as possible and is eager to share her enthusiasm for the genus with others.


Nicolas Defabiani

“Keeping and Breeding Naultinus elegans and grayii over 6 Generations : The Southern Switzerland Experience.”

Bio: Born in 1964 in Sion, Switzerland.

Married and father of 3 children. He is a Surgeon-Urologist.

At around the age of 10, he was infected with the cold-blooded animal virus and since 1974 reptiles and amphibians have been part of his daily life.

He quickly focused his interest on saurians, especially geckos, skinks and chameleons

Since the late 1990s, he has maintained and reproduced Naultinus elegans & grayii as well as several species of the genera Mokopirirakau and Woodworthia.

In 45 years of experience, he has multiplied contacts with breeders all over the world.

He is a member of the DGHT and the New Zealand Herpetological Society.


Luca giandomenico & steve cemelli

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