Greyson offerman

“The Effect of Artificial UVB Lighting on the Growth of Nocturnal Geckos (Rhacodactylus leachianus)”

Bio: Greyson Offermann is 16 years old. He was exposed to reptiles through his dad’s own herpetological interests and veterinary practice. Greyson has been fascinated ever since. He enjoys trekking through the woods or cruising empty roads in search of interesting creatures. Over the years he has developed a strong passion for herpetology, natural history and biology. He has worked with numerous species and has kept various species under, or previously under, the genus Rhacodactylus. Greyson has also amassed a large “cabinet of curiosities” that has allowed him to interact with local museums, universities, and private collections. More recently, he has become interested in research and field biology. This led to a variety of projects including the topic of this presentation. Greyson has assisted with large-scale and personal projects and hopes to pursue more opportunities as they arise to better educate people about reptiles and learn more about these fascinating creatures.